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About Italy

Italy is a beautiful land located in Southwestern Europe. Italy is a country filled with contrasts: charming old towns, the Mediterranean and breathtaking natural landscapes, passionate people and simple yet delightful food. At the same time, Italy is rich in traditional culture and history as well as for World Heritage Sites that you would love to visit during your stay in Italy, but it is the prestigious top universities in Italy that pulls the attention of international students towards Italy as a perfect destination for foreign education.

The universities in Italy were established in the 12th century offering them the oldest in the Western world. The restructuring of the Italian education system originated the new concept of University institutions across the rest of Europe. With its powerful historical aura, breathtaking sites and diverse natural landscape Italy are sure to provide international students with an enriching aesthetic experience. The fields of design, fashion, applied sciences, engineering, arts and architecture lie at the forefront of Italy's domain of higher education.

Why Should You Choose Italy For Studies?

  • World's High ranked public universities according to QS World Rankings
  • 100% Scholarship which covers
    • Tution fee for entire degree program.
    • Stipend covers food and accomodation expenses upto 5200₤ per annum.**
  • No TOFEL/GRE/GMAT/SAT required
  • Free access to world's second best medical health facilities.
  • 1 Year post study Schengen Visa.
  • Part time and full time jobs available
  • PR friendly country
  • Internship & placement opportunities through ERASMUS at all Schengen countries.

Benefits Of Studying In Italy


  1. No of QS world ranked universities / colleges
  2. Probability of getting admission into top university / college
  3. Fess for complete course (Average Cost)
  4. Expense for food, accomodation, misc.
  5. Stipend during studies
  6. Part time jobs
  7. Savings during the entire period of studies
  8. Job opportunities after studies
  9. Per capita income
  10. Population
  11. Literacy
  12. PR
  13. Medical Facilities
  14. Quality of Life Index
  15. Average Salary per month for UG & PG Holders


  • 8
  • Low due to participation of large no of students for limited seats & high cutoff of entrance exams
  • UG : 10 to 15 lacs

    PG : 7 to 10 lacs

  • UG : 4 to 5 lacs

    PG : 2 to 3 lacs

  • Almost Nill
  • Low salary and it's very difficult to do part time jobs because of hectic college timings
  • Not possible as very less part time jobs availability and low salary.
  • Less as campus placements are offered by only top universities
  • Rs. 86000
  • More than 135 Crores
  • 59.5%, Govt does not invests much on higher education
  • N/A
  • Not Adequate and expensive
  • 74
  • 18k to 25k per month, so returns on investment is low


  • 13
  • High because admission is based on previous academic records and low number of student participation
  • 100% Scholarship
  • 100% Scholarship
  • Minimum stipend of 13.5 Lacs for bachelors and 9 Lacs for masters
  • Regular Study of - 20hours/ week, Holidays - 40hours/week, Minimum wage 10 Euro/Hour
  • Rs 65000 * 36 for bachelors

    Rs. 65000 * 24 for Masters

  • Very high because of Uni Organic campus placement, Also students can apply for jobs in 26 European countries
  • Rs. 26 Lacs
  • 6 Crores
  • 98.6%, Govt. provides free education irrespective of Nationality
  • Very easy as Italian government is focusing more on promoting their PR for imigrants
  • Free and world's second best medical facilities
  • 87
  • Min 3 Lacs to 5 Lacs

Top Ranked Universities in Italy

Politecnico Di Milan

Location - North West

City - Milan

Year Of Establishment - 1863

Interesting Fact - Ranked as No. 1 University in Italy.

University Of Milan

Location - North West

City - Milan

Year Of Establishment - 1924

Interesting Fact - Notable Fasion Designer, Maria Bianchi (Prada Fame) is an alumni

Tor Vergata University

Location - Central Italy

City - Rome

Year Of Establishment - 1982

Interesting Fact - It is considered as a young University of Italy

University of Bologna

Location - North East

City - Bologna

Year Of Establishment - 1088

Interesting Fact - 1st University around 1000 years old

Sapienza University of Rome

Location - Central Italy

City - Rome

Year Of Establishment - 1303

Interesting Fact - Western Europe's largest university with 1,50,000 students and ranked 84 in Europe

University of Padova

Location - North-East

City - Padua

Year Of Establishment - 1222

Interesting Fact - Nicolas Copernicus, Polish Astronomer is noted alumni. Galileo Galilei was one of the faculty at Padua

Who Can Apply?

  • 12th Completed & Pursuing minimum 60% can apply for Bachelors
  • For Masters - minimum 55% in bachelors is required. Students pursuing bachelors can also apply
  • For Bachelors maximum 3 years of gap is acceptable with justified reasons
  • For Masters maximum 5 to 7 years of gap is acceptable with justified reasons
  • For English language certificate only MOI(Medium of Instruction) will be justified
  • Admission will depend on overall profile of student including Academics, Projects, Internships, Extra-Curricular activities, Strong SOP and CV

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